Spring Clean your Finances


When winter comes, often we start letting things get swept under the rug. With finances, this can cause long term issues – so now it’s time to get yourself out from under all your snuggly winter blankets and out into the new spring sunshine, so you can get that money flowing in more than out again!

We have some great tips for getting the basics back up and running smoothly:

  1. Re-evaluate the savings and spending goals you set at the beginning of the year
    Did you decide your business was going to reduce spending on unnecessary items this year? It’s not too late to make a dent in your spending now – resize your goals and make them achievable in the time you have left in the year.
  2. Make deals with your providers
    If you run a business, it’s likely you are paying subscription fees for internet, business phones, and perhaps even stationery companies. Maybe it’s time for a quick call around to your providers – see if you can get a better deal with them. Internet and phone providers will often give you a better deal if you combine them together. Mobile plans are also changeable – even if you can’t get your plan for a more reasonable price, perhaps they can give you more bang for your buck.
  3. Take another look at 2015 spending so far
    Go back through your accounts and separate it into different cost centres. How much of your spending is occurring where you could save money? Where can you cut back? What have you under-budgeted for?
  4. Check your payables
    Check your payables – are there bills lying around that perhaps you have been avoiding, or have even forgotten about? It’s time to dig them out, and decide how you want to proceed; whether it’s in one big lump or if you need to spread out those payments – and if you do, how you will propose that to the vendor.
  5. Have an office spring clean
    While you spring clean the accounts, it’s also a great time to think about spring cleaning your office. Maybe you can get your business some cash if you discover you have actually got a perfectly useful printer sitting in a cupboard somewhere, or a spare desk and chair that really is taking up more room than it is worth.

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